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Phoenix 5000 NIR Forage Analyzer

30 Second Analysis for Alfalfa, Corn Silage, Hay, Haylage and more.

The Phoenix 5000 NIR forage analyzer is an ideal solution for rapid and precise analysis of forages.

The Phoenix 5000 enables labs and nutritionists to analyze hundreds of forage samples each day. Each analysis takes 30 seconds or less and  provides multiple parameters for each sample.

Flexible Calibration Options

An NIR instrument can only perform as good as its calibration which is why the Phoenix 5000 offers flexible calibration options. You can utilize a calibration provided by one of our forage partners listed below, transfer a database you previously developed on a legacy NIR platform, or develop your own using Blue Sun Scientific's chemometrics software package.


Phoenix Sideloader with Autosampler

For high throughput analysis, the Phoenix 5000 can be configured as a side loading instrument with a 30 or 50 cup autosampler.


  • Minimize operator time

  • Automate analysis

  • Streamline operations

  • Integrated RFID reader/writer

  • Cumberland Valley Analytical Services

  • Dairy One

  • Dairyland Laboratories, Inc.

  • NIRS Consortium

  • Rock River Laborartory, Inc.