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Phoenix 6000 NIR

Research Analyzer

30 Second Analysis for Moisture, Fat, Oil, Fiber, Starch, Sugar, Ash and more.

The Phoenix 6000 Research Grade Analyzer offers universities and other research institutes the highest grade NIR instrumentation for food and agricultural analysis.

  • 600-2500 nm extended wavelength range

  • Calibration development software and training

  • Innovative sample presentation able to analyze the entire sample

  • Flexible data management

  • Easy and inexpensive to maintain

Phoenix 5000 NIR Analyzer
Best Performance

The Phoenix 6000 delivers the best in reliability, precision, and accuracy by utilizing a scanning  monochromator, the most trusted NIR tecnology for producing consistent products.

Easy to Use Software

The Phoenix 6000's software utilizes color coded buttons and tabs to allow operators to learn and use the instrument easily.

Flexible Data Handling

Operators can export results to Excel, LIMS, or modbus. Custom reports can be designed to generate COA's directly on the Phoenix 6000.

Designed for Transferrability

The Phoenix 6000 has configurable wavelength resolutions of 0.5, 1 and 2 nm. This allows us to transfer customer legacy databases from other NIR instruments to the Phoenix 6000 in minutes.

Made in the USA

Every Phoenix 6000 instrument is manufactured at our company headquarters in Jessup, MD.

Explore the Phoenix 6000

Only The Phoenix 6000 employs a sample handling system that scans more than 90% of the sample within the sample cup.

Other NIR systems only rotate the cup which scans less than 20% of the sample.

The Phoenix 6000's advanced sampling system is able to move the sample cup both laterally and rotationally which increases the total area scanned and  improves accuracy, repeatability and precision.

Phoenix Cup.png

Phoenix 5000's Scan Area

Other Cup.png

Other NIR  Instruments' Scan Area

Minimize Sampling Error

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