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Pet Food Analysis with the Phoenix 2500

Raw materials
Before mixing
Extruded product
Finished pet food

The Phoenix 2500 Pet Food Analyzer offers pet food manufacturers fast, at-line and lab analysis to optimize production, minimize costs and ensure a consistent product.

The Phoenix 2500 can provide results in 30 second for: 


Moisture, Protein, Fat, Fiber, Starch, & Ash

Pet food manufacturers can use this information to:

  • Control moisture and quality for incoming ingredients

  • Test raw materials to optimize meal formulation

  • Monitor moisture and fat in extruders and dryers

  • Confirm final product matches label requirements.


Samples can be analyzed with little to no preparation on most samples. The software is simple and intuitive and may be operated by anyone in the facility.



Simply pack/pour a sample into the sample cup and then press the scan button located on the touch screen display.


The sample cup automatically spins to take multiple measurements of the sample. Results are displayed in 30 seconds or less and can be exported into a variety of formats including, excel, LIMS and PLC.

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