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Phoenix 5000 NIR Oilseed Analyzer

Rapid NIR Analysis for moisture, protein, fat, fiber, ash, oleic acid, linoleic acid and more.

  • Analyze oilseeds such as canola/rapeseed, soybean, olive oil, and more.

  • Optimize the extraction process by analyzing pressed cake and meals

  • Determine oil quality by analyzing for free fatty acids and peroxide value.

Phoenix 5000 NIR for
Oilseed Analysis

The Phoenix Top Window by Blue Sun Scientific is an ideal solution for oilseed processors and crushers that are seeking to optimize yields and produce a consistent, high-quality oil.

The Phoenix Top Window’s sampling system allows it to analyze whole seeds, flakes, press cake, oilseed meals, oil, and by-products. Multiple parameters can be measured simultaneously including moisture, protein, fat, fiber, ash, oleic acid, and linoleic acid as well as chlorophyll in rapeseed/canola.

The Phoenix 5000 can help oilseed crushers optimize production in multiple ways including:

Raw Material Grading

  • Monitor quality of incoming oilseeds


Process Control

  • Analyze residual oil in pressed cake

  • Rapid decision making


Oil Quality

  • Determine oil quality by analyzing free fatty acids, acid value, iodine value, and peroxide value


  • Measure moisture, protein, oil, fiber and ash in pressed cakes and meals

  • Maximize profits on by-products

Get to Know the Phoenix 5000

Phoenix 5000: Designed for Ease of Use

Easy Operation

To analyze a sample, fill the sample cup, place it on the instrument, and press the on-screen scan button. Analysis will begin immediately and results will be displayed in approximately 30 seconds.

Expert Support

Blue Sun Scientific technology managers have on average 10+ years of NIR experience in a variety of NIR technologies and applications

Intuitive Software

The Phoenix software's four tab design utilizes color coded buttons and tabs to allow operators to learn and use the instrument easily.

Flexible Data Handling

Operators can easily export results to Excel, LIMS, or modbus. Historical results can quickly be viewed in the BlueScan sofrware.

High Performance NIR

The Phoenix 5000 delivers exceptional reliability, precision and accuracy by utilizing a scanning monochromator, the most trusted NIR technology for producing consistent results.

Made in USA

Each Phoenix 5000 is built and shipped from our company's headquarters in Maryland, USA.

Want to Know More?

Please take a moment to tell us more about your application and a Blue Sun Scientific NIR specialist will promptly be in contact to discuss your application and answer all of your questions.

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