Canola Analysis with the Phoenix 5000/6000

Two Wavelength Ranges

Phoenix 5000: 1100-2500 nm

Phoenix 6000    400-2500 nm

Canola Meal
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The Phoenix 5000/6000 Canola (Rapeseed) Analyzer offers canola processors and seed breeders fast, at-line and lab analysis to optimize production, minimize costs and ensure a consistent product.

The Phoenix 5000/6000 can provide results in 30 second for: 


Moisture, Fat, Protein, Fiber,  FFA & Chlorophyll

Oilseed processors can use this information to:

  • Control moisture and quality for incoming canola.

  • Optimize the pressing and extraction process

  • Analyze canola meal for residual oil

  • Determine the quality of oil (FFA & peroxide value)

  • For best results for chlorophyll, we recommend the Phoenix 6000 extended wavelength instrument


Samples can be analyzed with little to no preparation on most samples. The software is simple and intuitive and may be operated by anyone in the facility.


Simply pack/pour a sample into the sample cup and then press the scan button located on the touch screen display.

The sample cup automatically spins to take multiple measurements of the sample. Results are displayed in 30 seconds or less and can be exported into a variety of formats including, excel, LIMS and PLC.

Sideloading Phoenix with Autosampler

Phoenix 5000/6000 with

30 cup autosampler

Many canola processors and seed breeders process hundreds to thousands of samples each season.. 

For highthroughput labs, the Phoenix 5000/6000 can be configured as a side loading instrument with a 30 or 50 cup autosampler. The Phoenix 5000/6000 with autosampler streamlines testing and reduces operator time.


In the sideloading configuration, the Phoenix 5000/6000 can analyze 2" ISI ring cups.

The innovative autosampler utilizes an RFID reader/writer. The operator can program an RFID tag that adheres to the ISI ring cup back. This ensures samples are never mixed up and the results can always be trusted.

Powered by BlueScan

The Phoenix 5000/6000 is powered by BlueScan. BlueScan is designed to simplify routine analysis and is packed with features making it ideal for monitoring quality and optimizing production.


BlueScan’s tab design ensures your information is just a click away. You can easily view results, historical data, spectra, generate reports and run diagnostics with the press of a button.

Users can be set up with varying levels of permissions to protect company data and ensure ease of use.

Built for Transferrability

The Phoenix 5000 has configurable wavelength resolutions of 0.5, 1 and 2 nm. This allows us to transfer customer legacy databases from other NIR instruments to the Phoenix 5000 in minutes.


•Algorithms optimize alignment and smooth differences between databases

•Compensates for instrument differences

•Correcting and compensating for varying math treatments and wavelength scales

Blue Sun Guarantee

All Blue Sun instruments come standard with the Blue Sun Guarantee. This one of a kind program ensure you start up quickly avoid downtime, and maximize the benefits of your NIR instrument. The Blue Sun Guarantee includes free:

Phone Support
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