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Remote Monitoring with

the Wiz Probe


The Wiz Probe is a state-of-the-art, portable “in-situ” probe, which can be remotely deployed to continuously analyze up to four nutrients in surface and sea water.

  • Ammonia (N-NH3)

  • Orthophosphate (P-PO4)

  • Nitrate N-(NO3)

  • Nitrite (N-NO2)


Results are transmitted wirelessly and can be accessed via the custom web app or integrated into a preexisting water quality monitoring system.

Its innovative design won the Alliance for Coastal Technologies Nutrient Sensor challenge judged by EPA, USGS, DOA, NOAA, NIST and others.

  • Test up to 4 parameters

  • Deploy for up to 2 months

  • Autocalibrate from standard solution

  • Test continuously for nutrient levels

  • Observe trends in nutrient levels

  • Reagents cooled by surrounding water

  • No experience required

  • Low reagent consumption

  • Waste collected in external bag

  • User friendly software

  • Monitor and collect results remotely

Nutrient Challenge.png

The Alliance for Coastal Technologies comprised of the EPA, USGS, DOA, NOAA, NIST, The Everglades Foundation, the US Integrated Ocean Observing System and the Office of Science and Technology Policy issued a challenge.


To create a low cost nutrient sensor that can be deployed in freshwater and coastal locations to help monitor nutrient levels remotely.

The sensor was required to monitor dissolved forms of both Phosphorous and Nitrogen and to transmit the results wirelessly.

The Wiz Probe was chosen as the most effective probe based on its accuracy, ease of use, software capabilities and price.

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The Wiz Probe can be configured to analyze up to 4 parameters. The probe utilizes traditional and long accepted colorimetric tests to ensure accurate results.

The reagents are stored in a canister that attaches to the top of the Wiz Probe. These reagents are cooled by the surrounding water which extends their lifetime. Depending on ambient water temperature, these reagents will be stable for up to 2 months.

The Wiz Probe contains a precise micropump which controls all of the calibrating and reactions. Waste is contained in a reusable bag. Testing frequency is limited by the length of the reaction as well as the desired deployment length.

Changing reagent canisters and waste bags can be done at the deployment site by one person and takes less than 5 minutes.



The Wiz Probe can be monitored and configured remotely via a web app. The operator can remotely customize the testing frequency, collect results, and perform diagnostics.

The Wiz Probe can also be connected directly to a computer to program testing configurations, update protocols or download results.

In many instances we have worked in cooperation with pre existing monitoring systems to integrate Wiz Probe into larger data networks.


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