Hyperlab: Your Partner

in Wine Excellence

We help wine makers ensure quality before and after bottling by making real-time analysis of key chemical parameters in their wine.

We have wine analyzers for every level of production. Whether you are a small, medium or large winery our analyzers can save you time and money and help you produce consistent, high quality wine. 

Designed and manufactured in Italy, our analyzers are trusted by hundreds of wineries around the world for quality assurance during:



Crushing and Pressing





We provide pre-programmed methods for 28 wine quality parameters with every one of our instruments. 

Depending on the analyzer, you can analyze up to 14 parameters at once on a single sample. 

All of the methods come complete with foolproof guides that anyone can follow and you do not need a chemistry background to operate any of our wine analyzers.


Acetic Acid



Citric Acid






D-Gluconic Acid

Folin Index




L-Ascorbic Acid

L-Malic Acid

L-Lactic Acid

Optical Density

Primary Amino N

SO2 Free

SO2 Total

Sorbic Acid

Succinic Acid


Tartaric Acid

Total Acidity


Easy As 1-2-3

Hyperlab Smart

For Small Wineries

Hyperlab Basic

For Medium Wineries


For Large Wineries

We have wine analyzers for every size winery. Our Hyperlab Smart and Hyperlab Basic are ideal for wineries that want to examine multiple parameters simultaneously. They are fast, lightweight instruments that can analyze up to 200 tests per hour. We suggest the Hyperlab Smart for small wineries and Hyperlab Basic for larger operations.

Some wineries require a much higher volume of testing. We created the FlowSys with them in mind. This multi-channel analyzer allows up to 200 tests per hour per channel. It's modular design is configured to your specific needs. We can configure channels for Free SO2, Total SO2 and many more. In principle and operation it is similar to the now discontinued and unsupported FIA Star. 

Bring Your Testing In-House. 

Sending out samples is expensive and time consuming. Our analyzers provide you immediate results that enable you to make real time decisions that ensure an efficient process from harvest to bottling.

For less then the cost of sending out samples, you can have an analyzer in -house that can help streamline production.


Now you can test samples in duplicate to gain greater clarity over your results. Rerun an anomaly if something looks out of place. Urgent samples can be added into your testing list for immediate results.

We have special financing options available.

Reagent Kits Make it Even Easier


We provide high-quality reagent kits at prices that keep your cost per test well below what you would pay to a lab.


Operation is simple: 


1) Place your reagent kits into the Hyperlab Smart or Hyperlab Basic's reagent carousel

2) Select which parameters you need to test

3) Press Start on the software. 


The operator is then free to see to other duties as the Hyperlab Smart or Hyperlab Basic perform up to 200 tests per hour unattended.

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