University Outreach Program

Your research is on the cutting edge and that is where we want to be.

We value our university partners’ drive to innovate and improve our understanding of the many complex systems all around us.


Many of our own innovations have been inspired by university research and have resulted in our cutting edge designs and technologies.


We have experience partnering with universities and research institutes to help address many of the common challenges they face in their labs and research. We have created a complete program to address many of these and to facilitate student excellence with lab instrumentation. 

This program includes but is not limited to:

Special Affordable University Pricing

We know your budget is tight and you spend too much time writing grants as it is. With special pricing just for universities and research institutes, it has never been easier to introduce your students to the technology used by private and government labs all over the world.

Web training for new students - FREE

You can trust your students to properly use and care for Blue Sun analyzers after they attend a web training geared to students and new users. Offered at the beginning of each semester, it is free for Blue Sun customers to attend.

Student-proof Start Up Kit

Our analyzers come with easy to follow instrument and method guides. With clear illustrations, photos, screenshots and tutorials, anyone can follow simple instructions to run the instrument and prepare their chemistries. Available on a shared drive for sharing with students and professors.

Discount on Service and Consumables

Our analyzers require minimal consumables and service. All universities receive special pricing on parts, consumables, and service contracts.

Alumni Referral Reward Program

We grow with you - If you have used a Blue Sun instrument as a student or professor and left for another educational program or lab, we will extend to you a special alumni discount for all instruments, parts and service.

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