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Wet Chemistry Analysis by Systea

Since 1988, Systea's mission has been to produce advanced, reliable and cost-effective laboratory instruments for environmental and industrial analysis.. Based in Italy, they draw on decades of experience to provide innovative wet chemistry solutions to laboratories worldwide.

Here at Blue Sun Scientific, we are proud to be the official USA distributor for all Systea instruments which include multi-parameter discrete analyzers, contifnuous flow instruments and in-situ probes..

EasyChem Jr.

The EacyChem Jr is a multi-parameter discrete analyzer. It comes programmed with EPA and ISO methods for water, soil and plant tissue analysis.


It's compact size and low cost make it an ideal instrument for labs of all sizes.

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EasyChem 200

The EasyChem 200 multi-parameter discrete analyzer, is our most robust analyer. It's high throughput and low operating cost make it ideal for labs with high sample volumes.


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FlowSys CFA Analyzer

The Flowsys CFA analyzer is a high-throughput multi-channel continuous flow analyzer. It is ideal for labs that seek in-line sample preparation including digestion, distillation and gas diffusion.

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EasyChem Seawater

The EasyChem Seawater is a hybrid discrete analyzer with an extended 50 mm flow cell for low level analysis of nutrients in seawater.

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Wiz Probe

The EPA awared winning Wiz-Probe is a multi-parameter in-situ probe for the colorimetric analysis of NO2, NO3, Ammonia, Orthophosphate, Total Phosphate, Total Nitrogen and more.

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Micromac 1000

The Micromac 1000 is a portable "briefcase" on-line colorimetric analyzer for nutrient analysis. Easy to install and able to run comletely unattended it is a unique solution for users that benefit form remote and on-line nutrient analysis.

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