Snack Food Industry

Snack Food manufacturers must produce a consistent, in-spec product every day. 

Our customizable NIR solutions can help meet those strict demands while helping to manage your data effectively.

Our benchtop NIR can analyze for moisture, oil, seasoning and FFA while our in-line NIR can analyze for moisture and oil directly on the process line.

The combination of these instruments ensures your product never drifts and you have accurate and reliable information in real time.

Benchtop NIR

The Phoenix 5000 NIR Snack Food analyzer can test moisture, oil and seasoning in  snack food products. This highly accurate and reliable instrument can provide near instant results to help optimize production.


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In-Line NIR

The Falcon  200 in-line NIR analyzer generates real time data for product as it moves along the production line. It can be programmed to transmit results via ethernet to a live operator or to make adjustments to your production automatically.


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