Smart Dist

20-position universal distiller with

built-in procedures

The Smart Dist distillation system extends our range of wet-method analysis modules for food and environmental applications.


This 20-position, microprocessor-controlled distiller has been designed to analyse low-volume samples.

It includes distillation procedures for ammonia, phenol, cyanide, fluoride, sulfites and sulfates. The Smart Dist is currently the most comprehensive discontinuous distillation system available.

For Complex Parameters


The Smart Dist is available with several laboratory glassware packages. These patented sets are designed for the most complex distillation applications, including cyanide, fluoride and total sulfide analysis.

User Friendly Instrument

The Smart Dist features a user-friendly controller which indicates the different stages of the process via a numeric keypad and LED display. The operator can enter programming settings easily and quickly, for example temperature rise, alarm setting, delayed start and cut-off temperature.

  • Manual included for all distillation procedures

  • Includes EPA compliant methods for: ammonia, TKN, cyanide, phenol, sulfide, and fluroide

  • Automatic safety shutoff

  • Automatic start up

  • Boiling tube common to all procedures

  • Superior Temperature Control

  • Less than 26" of hood space

  • Solid State Controller with digital display

  • 300° C range allows rapid distillation

  • 90% reduction in reagent, sample, and generated waste

  • Largest batch processinc capactiy available: 20 positions

Control Range and Resolution

Ambient to 300° C in 1° C increments

Accuracy +/- 2°C in control range

Amplitude (at setpoint): less than +/- 1°C

Maximum Rise Rate: 15°C per minute


Operating Voltage: 208-240 VAC. 60 Hz

Current: 12 amps @ 220 VAC.

(2) 15 amp, 250 V fuses

(1) 2 amp, 250 V fuse


Actual weight: 55 lbs

Shipping weight: 73 lbs


Heating unit: 11" x 26" x 20" (H x W x D)

Unit assembled: 32" x 31" x 20" (H x W x D)

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Jessup, MD 20794, USA

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