Smart Digest

Smart Digest.png

The Smart Block Digestor

The Smart Digest is a microprocessor-controlled smart module, for acid digesttion of food products and water samples.

  • 20 or 40 Sample Capacity

  • Includes heater block, glass ware and solid-state controller

  • Continuous heater element for improved temperature uniformity

  • Corrosion resistant design

  • Visual display of digestion status

  • Automatic safety shutoff

User Friendly Instrument

The Smart Digest been designed to speed up the preparation process for samples to be analyzed by conventional chemistry or using our CFA analysers or discrete analysers.


With this module, we also provide digestion procedures for Kjeldahl Nitrogen and total Phosphorus.

The smart controller provides user-friendly operation and indicates the different stages of the process via its numeric keypad and LED display.

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