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MARViN ProLine

The MARViN ProLine seed analyzer is a measuring system to analyze samples of every kind of seed regarding size, shape and weight. It is a batch measuring. The seeds will be filled in the seed tray. The number of the seeds are depend of the seed size. After the optical measuring process the seed tray will be emptied and weight. The scale is connected to the MARViN system. The measured value appeared in the protocol. The MARViN software generate further parameter and is part of the MARViN system.

  • MARVIN precision system for daily laboratory use

  • Very fast measuring time < 3 sec.

  • For grain sizes from 0.5 mm²

  • Counting accuracy at least 99%

  • Large seed tray for a high number of seeds

  • Easy filling and emptying of the seed tray

  • Group mode for higher numbers of samples

  • Fractionation of length, width, area

  • Highest accuracy from 1 to 1000 (or more) seeds

  • Computer with MARViN software necessary

  • External scale is necessary

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