Potato Industry

Blue Sun Scientific is proud to present a complete line of potato analyzers to help potato processors optimize production and ensure a consistent product.


Our benchtop NIR, the Phoenix 5000, can analyze for solids/moisture, fat/oil, seasoning and FFA in 30 seconds.

Our in-line NIR, the Falcon 200 can analyze product in process for real time data on moisture and oil.


The EasyChem Jr. is an automated wet chemistry analyzer that can analyze raw, in process and finished product for sulfites, nitrates, chloride and more.


The Phoenix 5000 This highly accurate and rugged instrument can provide data for moisture/solids, fat/oil and seasoning for raw, in-process, par fried and finished product. It is robust enough to put in-line and accurate enough for the lab. It can provide results in 30 seconds and is simple to use.


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In-Line NIR

The Falcon  200 in-line NIR analyzer generates real time data for product as it moves along the production line. It can be programmed to transmit results via ethernet to a live operator or to make adjustments to your production automatically.


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Wet Chemistry

The EasyChem Jr. uses traditional chemistry methods to analyze potatoes for sulfites, nitrates, chlorides and more.

Up to 20 samples can be loaded at a time and the insturment will perform the preloaded analysis automatically with the push of a button.

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