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Phoenix Basic
NIR Spectra Generator

Phoenix Done.png

The Phoenix Basic NIR Spectra Generator can scan a sample and provide you with the spectral output in less than one minute. That spectra can then be interpreted via the software of your choosing.

Scanning a range from 1100 nm to 2500 nm the Phoenix Basic can utilize a variety of sample cups including, ISI ring cups, large open cups and custom cups.

The Phoenix Basic includes one lamp and one sample cup.

lamp change.png
Easy to Access Lamp

The Phoenix Basic requires little maintenance and has few annual consumables. The light source is an 8W, low power halogen lamp that is rated for 10,000 hours. Most users only change it once per year. The lamp housing is easy to access via 4 phillips head screws on the exterior of the unit and the lamp can be replaced in under 5 minutes..

Made in USA.png
Made in USA

Every Phoenix Basic instrument is manufactured at our company headquarters in Jessup, MD.

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