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Proximate Analysis by Opsis Liquidline

Opsis Liquidline's mission has been to produce the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective wet chemistry instrumentation. Based in Sweden, they draw on decades of experience to provide innovative Wet Chemistry solutions to laboratories worldwide. All instruments are manufactured in their ISO 17025 certified lab.

Here at Blue Sun Scientific, we are proud to be the official USA distributor for all Opsis Liquidline products which include everything from digestion blocks, extraction units, and distillation units to complete Kjeldahl analyzers​

KjelROC Automated Kjeldahl Analyzer

Unique control of solvent removal adds flexibility for different applications.

Security with high standard against dust, liquids and explosives. All valves close to solvents are ATEX classified.

Operator safety is important and the SoxROC is equipped with protection shield, closed addition of solvents, and easy removal of recovered solvents.

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SoxROC Extraction Unit

The OPSIS LiquidLINE SoxROC Extraction Unit is an automated hot solvent instrument that can extract fat according to official methods.


The instrument is based on Randall and Twisselmann techniques, using hot solvent and a closed system to reduce extraction time versus manual Soxhlet. The SoxROC follows officially approved methods for fat extraction.

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HydROC Hydrolysis Unit

OPSIS LiquidLINE brings an innovative solution for Acid Hydrolysis, making Total Fat determinations more efficient and safe. The hazardous Hydrolysis process can now safely be performed with up to six samples simultaneously. The unique HydROC filter brings additional cost and time savings.

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KjelROC Digestion Blocks

Standard in all our digestion blocks are selectable programs, timer functions and possibility to select between Celcius and Fahrenheit. Our more advanced blocks offer an automatic motor rack.

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