A Safer and Less Costly Method for Nitrate Analysis

Safe, fast and low cost nitrate analysis is the cornerstone of a successful nutrient analysis program. We are aware that in North America, several methods have been widely adopted and approved by the EPA, including, cadmium, hydrazine, enzymatic and vanadium. 

As a result of Systea's global reach, we are aware that the majority of nations have moved from cadmium to vanadium chloride as a safer, faster, less troublesome method for reducing nitrate. 


In North America, more and more labs are now switching to this chemistry that has been validated and approved by the EPA. 

If you are considering the advantages of nitrate reduction via vanadium as compared to using a cadmium coil or column, we are providing a 1:1 comparison below.


All of these statistics are backed by either our own internal analyses (we sell and support cadmium coils) or by independent studies. See below for references.

Vanadium Chloride



$0.01 per test

EPA Method Name: EasyChem Methodology: Nitrate by Discrete Analysis


Molecular Formula: VCl3

Molecular Weight: 157.3 g/mol

Hardware: Require no additional hardware

Maintenance: Requires no additional maintenance

Safety Warnings: Corrosive, Irritant

Cadmium Coil/Column


Acute Toxic





$0.15 per test

EPA Method Name: 353.3: Nitrate-Nitrite by Cadmium Reduction and Colorimetry

Molecular Formula: Cd

Molecular Weight: 112.41 g/mol

Hardware: Requires cadmium coil, additional pump, additional probe

Maintenance: Cadmium regeneration, pump and probe replacement

Safety Warnings: Flammable, Acute Toxic, Health Hazard, Environmental Hazard


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