Supported Legacy Instruments

At Blue Sun Scientific, we specialize in service and support of legacy NIR, Wetchem and Proximate instruments. Even if the original manufacturer has discontinued support, we can provide Preventative Maintenance, Repair and Parts for the following products:








SpectraStar Drawer Unit

SpectraStar 2400

SpectraStar XL


EasyChem Plus

EasyChem 200

SmartChem Wine






5000 & 6500: Despite being some of their most popular instruments, Foss discontinued service on their NIR instruments the 5000 and 6500. However many of these instruments are still actively being used throughout North America.


If you have one of these model instruments and would like to learn about the service options available. Fill out the service info form below and you'll be contacted by a trained service tech to discuss the exact nature of your request.

Kjeltech and Soxtec: These protein and fat primary analyzers are staples in many food and agri labs. If you'd like to receive a competitive quote for a PM or service on these models, fill out the form below.

Fiastar: The Foss Fiastar was an essential component of many wine and dairy labs. They relied on it for high volume analysis of free & total SO2 in wine and NO3 in dairy products. It was officially discontinued in 2013 and Foss will no longer service these instruments in 2020. We have a number of trained staff who can answer both your hardware and method related questions as well as PM and repair these instruments. For more information on the services we offer, fill out the form below.

Unity Scientific

The SpectraStar drawer unit, 2400 and XL have been exclusively serviced by Unity Scientific for over 10 years. Now that Unity has discontinued service on these instruments, many long time users don't know how to maintain their instruments and calibrations. For more information on our services, fill out the form below.


Despite offering some very innovative products, support from Systea instruments has been inconsistent over the last 5 years. While these instruments do not require much service, regular preventative maintenance can extend the life of the instruments and avoid down time due to worn out parts. For more information on service for Systea instruments, please fill out the form below.


It is our mission to provide World-Class customer service and support for many legacy product lines as well as our own. We are aware that many instrument manufacturers discontinue support on legacy lines to "encourage" users to upgrade their instrument unnecessarily. We are here to support you and your application until your instrument truly requires replacement.