Hyperlab Smart

Multi-Parameter Wine Analyzer

The Hyperlab Smart is a state-of-the-art discrete analyzer designed for wineries with small-medium throughputs.

  • 20 Sample Capacity

  • Up to 150 tests per hour

  • Test each sample for multiple parameters

  • Fully automated - Simply program your worklist and walk away.

  • Export Results to Excel, LIMS or shared drive

  • Easy to use - No scientific background required

  • Compatible with all of our enzymatic kits

Sample Volume (µL): 2-300; Precision: 1.5CV% at 2 µL, 1 CV% at 4 µL

Reagent Volume (µL): 2-350; Precision: 1.5CV% at 2 µL, 1 CV% at 4 µL.

Reaction Volume (Sample+ reagent volume, µL): 300-500

Dilution/ diluter syringe: Syringe capacity 368mL; Syringe resolution 0.07 µL.

Maximum test per hour: 150

Optional Temperature Control: Refrigerated reagent at 15°C below ambient temperature; Reading cuvette with programmable heating; Reagent preheating in sampling needle.

Samples Rack: Removable 10-position rack, fits with tubes of 12mm ø and 1 mL sample cup.

Reagents Rack: Removable 20-position reagent rack, fits with 38 mL or 15 mL reagent bottles; Optional multiple reagent racks with reagent list automatically managed by software.

Optional Rack Configuration: 10 reagent positions and 20 sample positions.

Sampling Needle: 75 mm steel needle stroke equipped with capacitive liquid level detector.

Reaction Cuvette: Disposable segments of 24 cuvette, max. 4 segments (96 cells) available.

Optical Group: 1 halogen lamp (6 V, 10 W) with extended UV emission; 10-position filter disk.

Dimensions: L x D x H: 380mm X 600mm x 400mm

Weight: 20kg

Explore the Hyperlab Smart

Wine Parameters
Acetic Acid
Citric Acid
D-Gluconic Acid
Folin Index
L-Ascorbic Acid
L-Malic Acid
L-Lactic Acid
Optical Density
Primary Amino N
SO2 Free
SO2 Total
Sorbic Acid
Succinic Acid
Tartaric Acid
Total Acidity


Daily operation of the Hyperlab Smart is simple. Worklists can be programmed in under 5 minutes. Simply enter your sample information and select which chemistries you would like performed. Press play and the Hyperlab Smart will run unattended for up to 98 tests.

Reaction Kinetics

The Hyperlab Smart helps you monitor your assay performance with real time reaction kinetics. You can trust your results and ensure your chemistries are performing well with this unique QC feature.


The Hyperlab Smart has up to 20 reagent positions and is fully compatible with all of the enzymatic kits we offer. Each tests uses microliters of reagents which can be a large cost savings over sending samples to an outside lab or manual testing in-house.