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Eagles 1200 Grain Analyzer

Rapid Analysis for Barley, Corn,Wheat & Soybean

The Eagle 1200 is an ideal solution for payment by grain handlers and grain processors.

Grains, oilseeds and pulses can all be tested quickly, easily and accurately for payment, segregation and raw material quality control.

Most can be analyzed directly without any sample preparation and provide correct results regardless of weather.

The Eagle 1200 (patent pending) is a whole grain analyzer utilizing NIR transmittance technology to analyze multiple parameters, such as protein and moisture, on a range of grains and oilseeds.


Determine correct payment

Accurately segregate

Transport Delivery

Confirm COAs on delivery

Avoid return of delivered products

Optimize blending


Simply pour 2-1/2 cups of whole grain into the hopper funnel then press the scan button located on the display.


The sample is automatically fed, scanned and dumped into a sample drawer and values are displayed in 45 seconds or less.

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