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FlowSys: SO2


Continuous Flow Analyzer

The FlowSys SO2 utilizes in-line distillation and colorimetric analysis to offer wine makers and wine labs high throughput analysis of free and total SO2.

  • Up to 90 analyses per hour

  • Fully automated - Simply program your worklist and walk away.

  • Export Results to Excel, LIMS or shared drive

  • Easy to use - No scientific background required

104 or 200 position autosamplers available

Color touch-screen

PC controlled Wash/Reagent valves

Random access autosampler

Auto-diluter option

1.0 mm I.D. reaction line

Low reagents consumption & low cost for reagents disposal

Special pump design/new manifold connectors

Explore the FlowSys SO2



Daily operation of the FlowSys is simple. Worklists can be programmed in under 5 minutes. Simply enter your sample information and select which chemistries you would like applied to each. Press play and the FlowSys will run unattended. The graphical interface will let you observe the reaction dynamics in real time.

Flowsys Calibration.png


Calibrations curves can be generated from a prepared standard. The FlowSys can auto-dilute based on a preprogrammed concentration to ensure your ​results. All calibration information is automatically saved for traceability and can be exported into reports for auditing purposes.


Standalone Operation

Each FlowSys channel comes standard with integrated software and a touch screen. This allows the channel to operate without an external PC. The operator is guided through a simplified menu to the calibration procedure and the sample analysis. 

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