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The Ideal Replacement for FIAStar Users

The FlowSys, continuous flow analyzer, automates meat and dairy testing to free up operator time and ensure best lab practices.

It can be configured with a 104 or 200 position autosampler and up to 12 channels. Each channel can be configured to run a different chemical analysis.

Methods available include: Nitrate, Nitrite, & Nitrogen

The FlowSys manifold can be configured to match the FIAStar method and you will receive similar results,

In-line Sample preparation, including distillation, digestion and gas diffusion can be designed into each channel's manifold to further streamline the testing process.

The high precision peristaltic pump can be configured to microflow or macroflow to save reagent between test runs and to expedite startup and shutdown procedures.

Gas Diffusion

The FlowSys CFA Analyzer can help your lab streamline processes, improve operator safety and increase throughput with its optional in-line sample preparation modules. ​

  • UV Digestion for Total Phosphorous & Total Nitrogen

  • Distillation for Cyanide, Phenols & Volatile Acidity

  • Gas Diffusion for Ammonia



Daily operation of the FlowSys is simple. Worklists can be programmed in under 5 minutes. Simply enter your sample information and select which chemistries you would like applied to each. Press play and the FlowSys will run unattended. The graphical interface will let you observe the reaction dynamics in real time.

Flowsys Calibration.png


Calibrations curves can be generated from a prepared standard. The FlowSys can auto-dilute based on a preprogrammed concentration to ensure your ​results. All calibration information is automatically saved for traceability and can be exported into reports for auditing purposes.


Standalone Operation

Each FlowSys channel comes standard with integrated software and a touch screen. This allows the channel to operate without an external PC. The operator is guided through a simplified menu to the calibration procedure and the sample analysis. 

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