What is the cost per test on your instruments?

We understand the importantce of calculating cost per test for large volume environmental labs. It's hard to offer a standard cost across multiple instruments and chemistries. That being said, we believe our instruments have the lowest consumable/cost of operation on the market. If you'd like a detailed breakdown about the costs of operation, please contact us at info@bluesunscientific.com and a technical consultant can walk you through the specifics.

How quickly can you service my instrument?

We have trained chemists and service technicians that can address your issues immediately. If your instrument is failing any tests, we can advise you on a troubleshooting procedure to determine if the error is due to instrument malfunction or an issue with the reagents. If you've purchased your instrument from Blue Sun, we can supply a loaner instrument until your instrument is up and running to avoid instrument downtime.

Can I run nitrate enzymatically?

Of course. We currently have 3 methods to run nitrates on our instruments. 1 - Cadmium reduction which is widely used, 2 - Vanadium reduction - a more recently approved EPA method. Many customers find Vanadium reduction is easier and less costly than cadmium reduction. 3 - Enzymatically. You can use nitrate enzymatic kits from nitrate.com on our instruments.

Do you offer demos?

Yes. If you are interested in a Blue Sun instrument but would like to see one in action, we can arrange for an instrument demo at your site.

Are you EPA approved?

Methods are EPA approved, not instruments, although our Wiz Probe was given an award by the EPA for in-situ analysis of nitrate and phosphate. Our instrument all pre-programmed with EPA approved methods and our software is NELAC compliant.

Do you offer special pricing for universties?

Yes, we believe universities deserve special pricing and training. For more information visit our Universities page.

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