Tobacco Analysis with the EasyChem Jr.

The EasyChem Jr. is a state-of-the-art discrete analyzer designed for labs with small-medium throughputs.


It has a 20 sample capacity and can perform up to 150 tests per hour.


Each sample can be tested for for multiple parameters and results can be exported to Excel, LIMS or to a shared drive.

No scientific background is required. The software is easy to use. Worklists can be created quickly. Once the instrument has been programmed, the operator is free to attend to other duties around the lab.

Every EasyChem Jr. comes preprogrammed with standard methods for tobacco analysis. Additional methods are available upon request.

Tobacco Parameters
Reducing Sugars 
Sorbic Acid
Total Sugars
Total Phosphorus
Volatile Basis
Volatile Acid
Soil Extract Parameters


Daily operation of the EasyChem Jr. is simple. Worklists can be programmed in under 5 minutes. Simply enter your sample information and select which chemistries you would like performed. Press play and the EasyChem Jr. will run unattended for up to 98 tests.


Calibrations curves can be generated from a prepared standard. The EasyChem Jr. can autodilute based on a preprogrammed concentration to ensure your ​results. All calibration information is automatically saved for traceability and can be exported into reports for auditing purposes.


The EasyChem Jr. has up to 20 reagent positions. The reagent tray is refrigerated to extend the life of the reagents. Each tests uses microliters of reagents which can be a large cost savings over traditional flow instruments or manual testing.

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