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Easychem 200

Multi-Parameter Discrete Analyzer

The Easychem 200 is a high throughput discrete analyzer designed for labs that need to increase productivity and minimize costs while analyzing water, soil and plant tissue.

  • 60 Sample Capacity

  • Up to 200 tests per hour

  • Test each sample for multiple parameters

  • Fully automated - Simply program your worklist and walk away.

  • Export Results to Excel, LIMS or shared drive

  • Easy to use - No scientific background required

Easy Operation

Daily operation of the Easychem 200 is simple. Worklists can be programmed in minutes.


Simply enter the sample information and select which chemistries are to be performed.


Press play and the Easychem 200 will run unattended for up to 720 tests.

EC200 all.png
Highly Automated

The Easychem 200 offers a highly automated solution that allows operators to program their daily worklist and then leave the instrument to run unattended as they perform other duties around the laboratory.

  • Start up and Shut Down

  • Calibration Curves

  • Pre or Post Dilutions

  • QC checks

  • Weight and Moisture Corrrections

  • Reagent and Instrument Monitoring

  • Data export

Multiple Reagent Positionss

The Easychem 200 has up to 27 reagent positions. This allows for multiple chemistries to be run in parallel.


The reagent tray is refrigerated to extend the life of the reagents.


Each tests uses microliters of reagents which can be a large cost savings over traditional flow instruments or manual testing.

EC200 Reagent.png
Automated Calibration


Calibration curves can be automatically generated from a known standard.


All calibration information is automatically saved for traceability and can be exported into reports for auditing purposes.

Cost Saving Wash Station

The Easychem 200's integrated wash station improves throughput, reduces costs and waste and frees operator time.


After an analysis is performed, the reaction cuvette undergoes a five stage cleaning and QC check.


This eliminates the need for reusable cuvettes which can save thousands of dollars each year compared to other popular discrete analyzers.

EC200 Wash.png
EPA seal.png
Preprogrammed Methods


The Easychem 200 is preprogammed with EPA approved methods for a variety of sample types including wastewater, fresh water, seawater, brackish water, soils, and plant tissues.

A listing of the most common parameters can be found below.


Sample Volume: 2-300µl, precision 1% at 10µl

Reagent Volume: 5-350 µl, precision < 1% at 250µl

Reaction Volume (Sample+ reagent volume, µL): 220-350

Automatic programmable pre or post dilution for each sample

Maximum test per hour: 200

Main Detector: Colorimetric, temperature controlled; halogen lamp extended UV emission; automated zero settings;accuracy +/- 1% from 0 to 2.5 O.D.; linearity better than 0.5%; noise <+/- 2m Abs. At 340 nm 2.5 O.D..

Samples Rack: Removable 60-position rack

Reagents Rack: Removable 27-position reagent rack, fits with 27 mL reagent bottles

Dosing Syringe: 368 microliters syringe with 0.14 l resolution; Zero automatic setting; Accuracy +/- 0.5% from 2 to 350 uL

Washing Station : 6 dispensing needles for washing solution, 6 sucking needles, 1 drying needle, 8 washing cycles for each cuvette

Reaction Cuvette: 80 BIONEX® cuvettes replaceable singularly, over 20.000 tests

Reading Methods: End point: mono o bichromatic; End Point differential (Sample blank correction); Kinetic

Dimensions: L x D x H: 60cm x 67cm x40cm

Weight: 32kg

Explore the Easychem 200

Water Parameters






Chlorine Free

Chlorine Total

Chromium IV


Copper Diss





Iron Diss

Lead Diss



Nickel Diss


NO2 + NO3


TN (persulfate)*





TP (persulfate)*





And more...

Soil Parameters

Copper as Cu(I+II)- Acid-extractable

Nitrate as N-NO3 - CaCl2 extractable

Total Phosphorus as P - Kjeldahl

Iron as Fe(II+III)- Acid-extractable

Phosphorus as P-PO4 -CaCl2 extractable

Magnesium as Mg(II)

P (BSES-P) as P-PO4 -Acid extractable

Silicon as Si - CaCl2 extractable

Phosphorus as P-PO4–Olsen extractable

Silicon as Si – Acid extractable

Sulphate as SO42- - CaCl2 extractable

Phosphorus as P-PO4 - Sorption

Zinc as Zn(II)- Acid extractable

Calcium as Ca(II)

Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen as N-NH3

Phosphorus (Bray) as P-PO4 - Available

Colwell-extractable P as P-PO4

Total Protein Ammonia as N-NH3- CaCl2 extractable

Ammonia as N-NH3 – KCl extractable

Chloride as Cl- - Water extractable

Boron as B(III) -CaCl2 extractable

Nitrate as N-NO3 – KCl extractable

Nitrate as N-NO3 – Water extractable

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