The EasyChem 200 is a high throughput discrete analyzer designed for labs that would like to increase productivity and minimize costs while analyzing water, soil and plant tissue.

As a discrete analyzer, it is able to perform multiple chemistries on every sample, which can reduce runs and preparation when compared to traditional flow and manual methods.

A chemistry background is not required to operate the EasyChem 200. The software is designed to be easy to learn and use routinely.


Worklists can be created in minutes. And once the instrument has begun running, the operator is free to leave it unattended and move on to other duties around the lab.

Explore the EasyChem 200

Fastest Throughput

The sample and cuvette carasouel designs allow for a maximum of 200 tests per hour.

60 sample positions and 27 reagent positions allow operators to perform up to 15 different analyses per sample. 

High Capacity
Flexible Data Handling

Results can be exported to Excel, LIMS or a shared drive.

Preprogrammed Methods

The EasyChem 200 comes preprogrammed with all EPA and ISO methods for waste water, fresh water, sea water, soil and plant tissue analysis. See below for a comprehensive list.

Increase Automation

The EasyChem 200 can automate start up and shut down procedures. Daily worklists can be replicated easily and the instrument can run unattended for hundreds of tests at a time.

All the Support You Need

Blue Sun Scientific has support centers in Oregon and Maryland as well as service technicians throughout the country. We are strategically located to support you wherever you arel

Method List

Water Parameters
Chlorine Free
Chlorine Total
Chromium IV
Copper Diss
Iron Diss
Lead Diss
Nickel Diss
NO2 + NO3
TN (persulfate)*
TP (persulfate)*
Soil Extract Parameters
Copper as Cu(I+II)- Acid-extractable
Nitrate as N-NO3 - CaCl2 extractable
Total Phosphorus as P - Kjeldahl
Iron as Fe(II+III)- Acid-extractable
Phosphorus as P-PO4 -CaCl2 extractable
Magnesium as Mg(II)
P (BSES-P) as P-PO4 -Acid extractable
Silicon as Si - CaCl2 extractable
Phosphorus as P-PO4–Olsen extractable
Silicon as Si – Acid extractable
Sulphate as SO42- - CaCl2 extractable
Phosphorus as P-PO4 - Sorption
Zinc as Zn(II)- Acid extractable
Calcium as Ca(II)
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen as N-NH3
Phosphorus (Bray) as P-PO4 - Available
Colwell-extractable P as P-PO4
Total Protein Ammonia as N-NH3- CaCl2 extractable
Ammonia as N-NH3 – KCl extractable
Chloride as Cl- - Water extractable
Boron as B(III) -CaCl2 extractable
Nitrate as N-NO3 – KCl extractable
Nitrate as N-NO3 – Water extractable

Advanced Features


Daily operation of the EasyChem 200 is simple. Worklists can be programmed in under 5 minutes. Simply enter your sample information and select which chemistries you would like performed. Press play and the EasyChem 200 will run unattended for up to 720 tests.


Calibrations curves can be generated from a prepared standard. The EasyChem 200 can auto-dilute based on a preprogrammed concentration to ensure your ​results. All calibration information is automatically saved for traceability and can be exported into reports for auditing purposes.


The EasyChem 200 has up to 27 reagent positions. The reagent tray is refrigerated to extend the life of the reagents. Each tests uses microliters of reagents which can be a large cost savings over traditional flow instruments or manual testing.

Wash Station

The feature that sets the EasyChem 200 apart from other discrete analyzers is its integrated wash station. After a test is performed, the sample cuvette undergoes a 5 stage cleaning and QC. This eliminates the need for reusable cuvettes which can save the operator thousands of dollars each year compared other popular analyzers.

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