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KjelROC Digestion Blocks

All KjelROC digestion blocks comes standard with selectable programs, timer functions and the ability to select between Celsius or Fahrenheit.


Our more advanced blocks offer an automatic motor rack to improve operator safety and further automate the digestion and cooling procedures.

Automatic, Fast, and Silent


All KjelROC Digestors includes automatic programs as well as the possibility to define your own digestion cycle.All this reduces maintenance costs, saves time and makes the work safer.

> 1 Pre-heat program and 4 pre-defined programs.

> 103 customizable S- and P- programs on Auto version (54 customizable on Advanced). Up to 255 steps on S-programs. Manual programming of time and temperature.

> User defined behaviour at end of digestion, automatic switch-off of heating element and different settings for alarm signals

> Fast heating, from 20 ̊C to 450 ̊C within 45 minutes

> Calibration Feature. Possible to calibrate heating against external temperature probe

> Easy switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees
Reliable and Safe

All KjelROC Digestors are built to withstand high temperatures and highly corrosive environments - all materials are carefully selected - from special chemical resistant PTFE coating to Viton tubes.


The KjelROC Digestors are recommended to be installed with a KjelROC Exhaust manifold to reduce fumes in the lab and prolong the life of your KjelROC

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