Dairy Industry

Blue Sun Scientific is proud to present its complete line of dairy analyzers, which are ideal for dairy processors.

Our solutions can analyze test for protein, total solids, fat, nitrates, urea and more.

Our NIR solutions can help optimize your produciton by offering at-line results in 30 seconds.


Our proximate analyzer lines can provide primary analysis for protein and fat in all dairy products.


We also offer a continous flow analyzer, FlowSys, which can automate the testing for nitrates, MUN and urea. If you are currently using a Foss Fiastar we can transfer your methods onto the FlowSys.


The Phoenix 5000 NIR Dairy analyzer can test solids/moisture, protein and fat in most dairy products. This highly accurate and reliable instrument can provide near instant results to help optimize production.


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Proximate Analysis

Blue Sun Scientific is the exclusive North American distributor of Opsis Liquidline SoxRoc and KjelRoc analyzers. These automated soxhlet and kjeldahl instruments are based on long trusted primary methods for protein and fat analysis. 


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Wet Chemistry

Many dairy processors have relied on the FOSS Fiastar for years. They trusted it for analysis of milk and milk products.


The FlowSys, continuous flow analyzer, offers an upgraded  primary analysis using the same methods the FOSS Fiastar used.

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