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Phoenix 5000 NIR Feed Analyzer

Rapid NIR Analysis for Moisture, Fat, Protein Fiber & Ash

  • Control moisture and quality for incoming ingredients

  • Test raw materials to optimize meal formulation

  • Monitor moisture and fat in extruders and dryers

  • Confirm final product matches label requirements

NIR For Feed & Feed Ingredients

Image by Wouter Supardi Salari
Image by Daniela Paola Alchapar
Image by Marek Studzinski

The Phoenix 5000 NIR analyzer simplifies the analysis of feed and feed ingredients. Multiple ingredients and finished products can be analyzed on the same instrument and new users can be trained quickly and easily.

NIR analysis offers rapid analysis of multiple parameters providing feed producers important insight and data for formulating diets for livestock, as well as in quality control and product development.

Explore the Phoenix 5000


  • Monitor quality of incoming ingredients


Least Cost Formulation

  • Bin bottom analysis

  • Rapid decision making


Production Control

  • Meet protein target

  • Tighten upper and lower control limits

Final Product Specification

  • Label deck

  • Reduce laboratory costs

Easy to Operate

To analyze a sample, fill the sample cup, place it on the instrument, and press the on-screen scan button. Analysis will begin immediately and results will be displayed in approximately 30 seconds.

Expert Support

Blue Sun Scientific technology managers have on average 10+ years of NIR experience. They are

Intuitive Software

The Phoenix software's four tab design utilizes color coded buttons and tabs to allow operators to learn and use the instrument easily.

Made in USA

Each Phoenix 5000 is made at our company's headquarters in Maryland, USA.

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