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Automatic Flash Titrator

Flash Titrator.png

Automated Titrator for Wine Analysis

The Automatic Flash Titrator is a state-of-the-art titration instrument for the analysis of total acidity, pH, free and total SO2, formol number, volatile acids, reducing sugars, and many more

  • Configurable as a single sample analyzer or with a 16 or 35 position autosampler

  • Compact design - 294x215x308mm

  • Easy to use - No scientific background required

Color touch screen display

One combined electrode input pH 0.00 ... 14.00 (0.01 pH), mV 1999.9 & + 1999.9 (0.1mV)

- One input for μA measurement

- One input for temperature sensor: 0 ... 100 ° C

- 16 or 35 position autosampling connection

- 24 Vdc power input

- Data export on USB or CSV

Program up to 30 methods

Final point: titrations with a predefined pH / mV value

-Calibration by pH electrode.

Explore the Automatic Flash Titrator

Wine Programs

Analysis pH and total acidity: on sample as such with pH electrode (titration at final point pH settable).

Free and total SO2 analysis: on sample as such with a double platinum electrode. Once the sample aliquots have been dosed manually or by self-leveling in their respective titration cups, the Flash automatically provides the additions of the auxiliary reagents (H2SO4 and NAOH) through peristaltic pumps with automatic management of waiting times (alkaline reaction for total SO2) . The analysis of free, total and combined SO2 can also be performed on the same sample (double ripper).

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